Is home tanning equipment worth it?

Home tanning equipment and tanning bed supplies seem like a great idea. After all, getting to the salon can be a huge hassle and who knows who was lying in there before you! Nothing beats the great tan you get from commercial tanning beds when it comes to an even beautiful tan. Home tanning equipment, such as Wolff tanning beds combine the great tans of a tanning bed with the convenience of not leaving the house, if they work. You need to make sure you are buying a commercial quality unit or else you are no better off than before.

Finding commercial tanning beds

One solution to finding a commercial quality bed could be a used tanning bed. However, it is no fun buying a large piece of equipment with worn out lamps, obsolete parts and out of warranty! There is one home tan option. You could always buy your home sun bed from us.

Our beds are commercial tanning beds built to operate on standard household 110v or 220v electricity. More importantly, we take the home tanning bed to the next level by allowing you to design it yourself. Using our fun online design studio you are able to choose the number of tanning lamps and control system in your tan at home bed. But that isn't all. We know that this is a major piece of furniture that you do not want to have to stash in the basement or garage because it is big and ugly so we allow you to choose the color and graphics package on your bed as well. When you order from American Quality Manufacturing, you will get a great looking professional quality residential sun bed that has been built specifically for you. Convenience, quality, a full warranty and a cool look... what more could you want?

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